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Hi, my name is Khrystyna, I've been practicing professional floristry for 12 years.

After a successful career in consulting, I realized I would like give a new start to the family business and started to run my first flower shop. Now I share my knowledge through virtual online classes, so budding florists from all walks of life can unearth their hidden skills and start their own flower business.

My educational programs usually consist of two parts: floristry and flower business modules.

Here I would like to introduce you the floristry course for beginners in floristry. It consists of only three lessons and costs 19 EUR only. Figure out if you want to try and get acquainted with flowers.

In this new virtual course, you will master the authentic art of floristry, using simple flowers, and the techniques passed down in floristry communities for years. Impress everyone who sees your arrangements. Subscribe to the video lessons.
Give flowers a try

Can’t wait for your virtual floristry class? Try one of these easy-to-follow bouquet recipes.

Bouquet with protea and erika

You will need 1 protea, half bunch of eucaliptus, 3-4 gypsophillas and a few branches of erica.

Bouquet with lagurus

Very simple and long lasting bouquet. You will only need a bunch of bleached lagurus.

Bouquet with dianthus

Elegant bouquet with 7 dianthus, 1 brassica, a bunch of erica and 1 banksia.
Our Clients Love Us
Hanna Forhill

Khrystyna's class was incredible. Thanks for the course! It was very interesting, informative and inspiring! I can't wait to watch yesterday's lecture

Marina Gesal

Everything is cool! Info is useful, orderly. Lots of valuable nuances, examples, not just "water" blah blah)) It's good that there will be a record, because you definitely need to listen a few more times) During the lectures I googled and opened 100,500 tabs. An understanding of where to start, where to move next, and what to deepen your knowledge emerges. A little bit in my head everything falls into place - this is my main expectation from the intensive as a total zero in this field. :)

Ira Polezhak

Very interesting, informative - a mountain of knowledge and experience, as they say - take someone else's mistakes and experience to speed up

100% will be useful for business owners and for those who want or plan

thank you for the information! it's wow!

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