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Web-shops and Mobile APPs for your Flower Business

When you have your flower shop, you can sell everyone, who passes by and everyone who know you as a florist.

When you have digital presence, you can sell everyone who needs flowers in your area, whether it is district, city or as far as you can deliver. Your client can be nearby or at another continent. It doesn't matter.

Now, after COVID, your digital presence makes you confident and safe.

If you still don't have your own web-shop, or the one you have doesn't satisfy you, we can help. But, to be honest, developing your IT-product is not the point. It is only a start of a new journey.


So what are the Options
Your web-shop can be with more or less complicated design, with or without add-ons, or additional pages or services. That's why we developed three variants to compare

Starting from 1700 EUR

Web-Shop with your logo and colors, connected payment systems, ready to sell your bouquets.
Starting from 3500 EUR

Start + up to 10 pages with additional services, for example "Wedding decorations" or "Interior flower design" + more adaptive design
Web + APPs
Starting from 8500 EUR

Creative + mobile apps for Android and iOs
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